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The Suncoast Concert Band is a diverse group 

Our members include 
 retired professional musicians and band directors.
In addition, we have artists, engineers, teachers,
police officers, lawyers, college professors,
scientists, bankers, business men 
and business women, and physicians.

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We rehearse weekly at Northminster Presbyterian Church
Monday and Thursday mornings
 9:30  to 11:30 a.m.

If you are interested in joining our group,
please contact our director
Bob Stoll  (941) 907-0935

Linda Butts
Nancy Bauman
Michael Berndt
Mary Deur
Arlin McKim
Patti Preves

Barbara Germann
Bob Salzman

Mary Gibbons
Jim Hansen
Len Murphy

Bill Brown
Tom Garrett (40)
Don Griesbach (25)
Phil Hohmann 
Bill Kelley
David Liebermann
Nick McKay
Diane Nichols
John Polites
Franklyn Skidmore
Stan Solomons
Don Stewart
Richard Urbanski (33)

Scott Kettering
Stephanie Peshek
Ken Reczkiewicz
Jim Stoltie
Rich Williams
Active Members
Alan Geller
Kevin Gibbons
Jack Kirby (21)
Richard Meier
Darryl Mizer
Sancha Playfair
Diane Roytz
Angela Smith
Ed Stiles
Dan Walcott

Matt Barbaro
Ginny Elkins
Nancy Leipold
Gail McKay
Phil Paul
Dick Poland

Lee Butts
Allan Kersten
Marvin Luckett
Robert Clair Miller
Broox Peterson

Paul Goodwin
Dick McIntyre
Mike Montgomery

Tom Bleakley
Eric Guth
Bill Millner (26)

Becky Guth
Beverly Laier (38)
Stephen Liljegren
Gail Ofterdinger-Ledgister
Jim Roytz
Drew Trapani 
Bob Schaer
Becky Guth - President
                      - Vice-President
Jim Roytz - Treasurer
Br0ox Peterson - Secretary
Jim Roytz - Librarian
Mike Montgomery
Len Murphy
Nancy Stoll
Our Board of Directors